Terms and Conditions

OZSALE Mobile telecommunications services are provided by Yomojo Pty Ltd or its subsidiaries (Yomojo) under terms and conditions published by Yomojo from time to time. The terms of your OZSALE Mobile service are set out in the Yomojo Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA), as varied from time to time. Some changes to the SFOA apply for OZSALE Mobile customers including the following:

OZSALE Mobile contact details are:

References to Yomojo Voice and Yomojo Family Bundles are in regard to product features not available to OZSALE Mobile customers or services and so are excluded from the SFOA.

Activation of your OZSALE Mobile SIM

Your service can be activated by logging into the OZSALE Mobile website or by calling 13000 OZMOB.

Your OZSALE Mobile Account

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